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CCR didn't make too many cover songs, but when they did you mostly don't care much about the original ones any more. Here's the best ones.

Oh… and The JF-concert, yeah. :)

Top 5: Covers
  1. I Put a Spell on You
  2. The Midnight Special
  3. My Baby Left Me
  4. Cotton Fields
  5. Before You Accuse Me
JF Concert Review

In Mar. 1, 2005, John Fogerty performed in Finland. First gig was in Elysée Arena, Turku town.

Read the review >>



# Top 20: Best CCR Songs

These are the CCR songs I prefer most. And though the bottom line is that the rock music is not getting any better by explainig it, I still decided to put some words here. No essays but a few lines just to tell some of the reasons why these pieces were chosen. You may look the other way, why not.

1. Who'll Stop the Rain
I love ballads and this is the great one. Nice intro, strong melody, well performed. Lyrics are fine too, though a bit of mysterious perhaps. Is it the Woodstock, or more about the heavy »rain»?
2. Lodi
Challenges the »Rain» above. Brilliant lyrics and one of the best melodies from JC. In the seventies this Finnish »iskelmä» guy Jukka Kuoppamäki raped it, and unfortunately that was a common fate for so many Creedence song at the time.
3. Someday Never Comes
Since my own father left the hotel even not paying the bill, this one is obvious. Still makes me weep now and then. But I learned it fast and I learned it young…
4. Born on the Bayou
Unbelievable »bayou» song and perfect sound world. Glinting riff leads us straight in the middle of the bayou. It's like sitting on a log in some dark, wetty, warm jungle. Watch out those snakes and frogs… Ya, this one could be the best CCR song, easily.
5. Proud Mary
One of the best rock riffs of all times. It also was my first touch with CCR music (cirka 1970), when during our music lesson someone picked out that riff on acoustic guitar. I was impressed and there was no turning back. — At the time we had a rather funny english lesson, too: some guy had this big CCR poster and he hanged it up on the board. Then of course we asked from our English teacher about the meanings of these three words, especially the combination. Oh, she didn't pass the test… :b
6. Green River
JC longing for his childhood, by the metaphor of course. But the picture is so evocative you can easily sit down by the river no matter where you lived as a kid. Pictures start dashing, all of those hot summer nights with warm rains and clear blue skies, little boys sitting and fishing. And »barefoot girls» for sure. »If you get lost/ come on home to/ Green River». I know I will.
7. Sweet Hitch-Hiker
Genious intro, just like some Beatles one. Not much of a song, but what a classic CCR swing. Clifford puts up the performance of his life, holding up the song with irresistible breaks.
8. Fortunate Son
JC takes a stand. Wild, bitter explosion for all the innocent victims of war. And some guys always are senator's sons, ain't it so, Bushein?
9. Effigy
This one somehow always excites me. Echoes of Jimi's »Hey Joe». But the words are confusing trip. »Who is burnin'?» Who is burnin'? I couldn't say. Perhaps someone some day explains to me, until then I just enjoy the heavy feeling.
10. It Came Out of the Sky
JC goes Berry with a crazy story. Light swinging sound is similar to later »Hiker». One of the first CCR songs I heard as a kid.
11. Penthouse Pauper
Very original JC song with »boasting» lyrics. »You can find the tallest building/Lord, I'd have me the house on top.» Nah…
12. Travelin' Band
JC meets Chuck (again) and Elvis breaks from the Jailhouse. As a teenager I adored John's strong vocal especially in verse »Here we come again…». Later it wasn't that impressive. Lack of light swing, perhaps. And the song ends ruffly; they should have faded it instead.
13. Lookin' Out My Back Door
Nice little country (?) pastiche with a hippie nonsence lyrics. The song itself ain't that great, but the arrangement lifts it up. Clever intro with repeating it and slowing/speeding up the tempo before the end. Genious!
14. Down on the Corner
Classic shakin' intro and Willy and the Poor Boys rocks off. Though, the first line in notes tells how to do it: A la calypso! And thank God for the sheet music in any case. Young Finnish guy missed half of the lyrics when JC was dropping it with his Californian style.
15. Porterville
Promising song from the highly underestimated debut album. Convincing vocal from JC. But I wonder what had happened in Porteville, earlier — the guy surely don't wanna get back there. Or does he? The choir, singing »I don't care!», sounds somehow desperate. But no, I wouldn't like go to Porterville, chasing all those ghosts.
16. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Hit song from Pendulum and one of the early favourites in my youth. Years have taken its toe, maybe it's this pretty poor arrangement that is disturbing. I've always thought this song requires heavy and stylish organ sound.
17. Hey Tonight
In Finnish radio in the seventies there was this Saturday evening program called Nuorten sävellahja. Once on the air was this lady Uma Aaltonen with her sensual voice: »Ja nyt makeeta musaa: CCR ja 'Hey Tonight'». Oh, my teenage angst and C-cassettes!
18. Wrote a Song for Everyone
Strong Fogerty ballad again.
19. Bad Moon Rising
Great song, slightly worn-out.
20. Up Around the Bend
One of the greatest rock intros ever! Unfortunately it's too good — the compose badly fails to reach the same level. The result is lost balance. Somehow it still fits well for opening the »Cosmo's» B-side.