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[Rock Star's Digest]


Easton, Sheena

Real name:  Sheena Orr
Best known at:  Bond theme »For Your Eyes Only», US #4 (1981).
Birthday:  Apr. 27, 1959
Place of birth:  Bellshill, Glasgow, Scotland

Eddy, Duane

Best known at:  »Rebel Rouser», US #6 (1958).
Birthday:  Apr. 26, 1938
Place of birth:  Corning, New York, USA

Edge, Graeme

Best known at:  The Moody Blues, drums.
Birthday:  Mar. 30, 1942
Place of birth:  Staffordshire, England

Edmunds, Dave

Best known at:  »I Hear You Knockin'», UK #1 (1970), »Girls Talk», UK #4 (1979).
Birthday:  Apr. 15, 1944
Place of birth:  Cardiff, Wales
More:  The Official Dave Edmunds Website and [since this official one has long been down] Dave Edmunds - A Rockabilly Hall of Fame Presentation

Edwards, Bernard

Best known at:  Famous production team with Nile Rodgers. Also bass with Chic and Sister Sledge.
Birthday:  Oct. 31, 1952
Place of birth:  Greenville, North Carolina, USA
Death:  Apr. 18, 1996
Cause of death:  Pneumonia, while touring in Japan.

Eitzel, Mark

Best known at:  American Music Club, vocals, guitar, keyboards.
Birthday:  Jan. 30, 1959
Place of birth:  Walnut Creek, California, USA
More:  American Music Club

Ekberg, Ulf 'Buddha'

Best known at:  Ace of Base, keyboards.
Birthday:  Dec. 6, 1970
Place of birth:  Gothenburg, Sweden

Elliman, Yvonne

Best known at:  »If I Can’t Have You», US #1 (1978).
Birthday:  Dec. 29, 1951
Place of birth:  Hawaii

Elliot, 'Mama' Cass

Real name:  Ellen Naomi Cohen
Best known at:  The Mamas & the Papas, vocal.
Birthday:  Sep. 19, 1941
Place of birth:  Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Death:  July 29, 1974
Cause of death:  Heart attack caused by obesity.

Ellis, Ralph     New!  

Best known at:  The Swinging Blue Jeans, rhythm guitar, vocals.
Birthday:  Mar. 8, 1942
Place of birth:  Liverpool, England
More:  The Swinging Blue Jeans Official Website

Ely, Joe

Birthday:  1947
Place of birth:  Amarillo, Texas, USA

Emerson, Keith

Best known at:  Emerson, Lake & Palmer, keyboards.
Birthday:  Nov. 2, 1944
Place of birth:  Todmorden, Yorkshire, England

Ennis, Ray

Best known at:  The Swinging Blue Jeans, guitar, vocal.
Birthday:  May 26, 1942
Place of birth:  Liverpool, England

Eno, Brian

Real name:  Brian Peter George St. John Le Baptiste de la Salle Eno
Best known at:  Roxy Music
Birthday:  May 15, 1948
Place of birth:  Suffolk, England

Entwistle, John

Best known at:  The Who, bass.
Birthday:  Oct. 9, 1944
Place of birth:  Chiswick, London, England
Death:  June 27, 2002
Cause of death:  Apparently a heart attack.


Real name:  Eithne Ni Bhraonain
Best known at:  »Anywhere Is», UK #7 (1995).
Birthday:  May 17, 1961
Place of birth:  Gweedore, County Donegal, Eire

Epstein, Brian

Best known at:  Manager of The Beatles
Birthday:  Sep. 19, 1934
Place of birth:  Liverpool, England
Death:  Aug. 27, 1967
Cause of death:  Apparent drug overdose.

Epstein, Howard

Best known at:  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, bass.
Birthday:  July 21, 1955
Place of birth:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Eric B.

Real name:  Eric Barrier
Best known at:  Eric B. & Rakim, turntable.
Birthday:  Nov. 8, 1964  [some sources: 1965]
Place of birth:  Queens, New York, USA
More:  Eric B. and Rakim

Erlandson, Eric

Best known at:  Hole, guitar.
Birthday:  Jan. 9, 1963
Place of birth:  Los Angeles, California, USA

Eshe, Montsho

Real name:  Temelca Gaither
Best known at:  Arrested Development, dancer.
Birthday:  Dec. 23, 1974
Place of birth:  Georgia, USA
More:  Arrested Development — Biography

Essex, David

Real name:  David Albert Cook
Best known at:  »Rock On», UK #3 (1973), »Gonna Make You a Star», UK #1 (1974).
Birthday:  July 23, 1947
Place of birth:  Plaistow, London, England

Estefan, Gloria

Real name:  Gloria Fajardo
Birthday:  Sep. 1, 1957
Place of birth:  Havana, Cuba

Etheridge, Melissa

Birthday:  May 29, 1961
Place of birth:  Leavenworth, Kansas, USA

Evans, Dave

Best known at:  AC/DC, original vocalist.
Birthday:  July 20, 1953
Place of birth:  Carmarthen, Wales
Trivia:  sorry, ain't too sure about this birth-info, confirmed only in one net source.
More:  Dave Evans - Original Singer Of AC/DC And Rock'n'Roll Man!

Evans, Bill

Best known at:  US pianist and composer.
Birthday:  Aug. 16, 1929
Place of birth:  ?
Death:  Sep. 15, 1980
Cause of death:  Bleeding ulcer.

Evans, Mal

Best known at:  Ex-road manager of the Beatles.
Birthday:  1936
Place of birth:  Liverpool?
Death:  Jan. 5, 1976
Cause of death:  Shot dead, after he threatened his girlfriend and the police with the gun.

Evans, Mark

Best known at:  AC/DC, orig. bassist.
Birthday:  Mar. 2, 1956
Place of birth:  Melbourne, Australia

Evans, Tom

Best known at:  Badfinger, bass. With Peter Ham wrote Harry Nilsson’s #1 Hit »Without You».
Birthday:  June 5, 1947
Place of birth:  Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Death:  Nov. 23, 1983
Cause of death:  Hung himself after depression caused by years of battling for royalties.

Evans, Rod

Best known at:  Deep Purple, vocal.
Birthday:  Jan. 19, 1945
Place of birth:  Edingurgh, Lothian, Scotland

Everly, Don

Real name:  Isaac Donald Everly
Best known at:  The Everly Brothers
Birthday:  Feb. 1, 1937
Place of birth:  Brownie, Kentucky, USA

Everly, Phil

Real name:  Philip Everly
Best known at:  The Everly Brothers
Birthday:  Jan. 19, 1939
Place of birth:  Brownie, Kentucky, USA
Death:  Jan. 3, 2014
Cause of death:  Complications from chronic lung disease.