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[Rock Star's Digest]



Real name:  Helen Folasade Adu
Best known at:  »Smooth Operator», US #5 (1985)
Birthday:  Jan. 16, 1959
Place of birth:  Ibadan, Nigeria

Sadler, Barry S/Sgt.

Best known at:  »The Ballad of the Green Berets», US #1, UK #24 (1966)
Birthday:  1941
Place of birth:  New Mexico
Death:  Nov. 8, 1989
Cause of death:  Heart failure
Trivia:  former Green Beret.

Sahm, Doug

Best known at:  Sir Douglas Quintet, guitar, vocal
Birthday:  Nov. 6, 1941
Place of birth:  San Antonio, Texas, USA

Sainte-Marie, Buffy

Best known at:  »Universal Soldier» for Donovan (1965), »Soldier Blue» (1971)
Birthday:  Feb. 20, 1941
Place of birth:  Maine, USA

Sambora, Richie

Best known at:  Bon Jovi, guitar
Birthday:  July 11, 1959
Place of birth:  Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA
More:  Diane's Bon Jovi Website - Bon Jovi Band Members

Samwell, Ian

Best known at:  wrote »Move It» for Cliff Richard
Birthday:  Jan. 19, 1937
Place of birth:  Lambeth, London, England
Death:  Mar. 13, 2003
Cause of death:  Heart failure
More:  Ian Samwell

Sang, Samantha

Real name:  Sheryl Gray
Best known at:  »Emotion» (1977)
Birthday:  Aug. 5, 1953
Place of birth:  Australia

Santana, Carlos

Best known at:  Santana, guitar
Birthday:  July 20, 1947
Place of birth:  Autlán de Navarro, Mexico

Santiago, Joey

Best known at:  The Pixies, lead guitar
Birthday:  June 10, 1965
Place of birth:  Manila, Philippines
More:  The Martinis

Sarne, Mike

Real name:  Michael Scheur
Best known at:  »Come outside» (1962)
Birthday:  Aug. 5, 1939
Place of birth:  England

Sarstedt, Peter

Best known at:  »Where Do You Go to My Lovely», UK #1 (1969)
Birthday:  Dec. 10, 1943
Place of birth:  Delhi, India

Sawyer, Ray

Best known at:  Dr. Hook (And the Medicine Show), lead vocal, guitar
Birthday:  Feb. 1, 1937
Place of birth:  Chickasaw, Alabama, USA

Sayer, Leo

Real name:  Gerard Hugh Sayer
Best known at:  »When I Need You», UK & US #1 (1977)
Birthday:  May 21, 1948
Place of birth:  Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, England

Scaggs, Boz

Real name:  William Royce Scaggs
Best known at:  »Lowdown», US #3 (1976)
Birthday:  June 8, 1944
Place of birth:  Ohio, USA

Schemel, Patty

Best known at:  Dumbhead, Hole, drums
Birthday:  Apr. 24, 1967
Place of birth:  Seattle, Washington, USA

Scott, Andy

Best known at:  The Sweet, guitar
Birthday:  June 30, 1951
Place of birth:  Wrexham, Wales

Scott, Bon

Real name:  Ronald Belford
Best known at:  AC/DC, vocal
Birthday:  July 9, 1946
Place of birth:  Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland
Death:  Feb. 19, 1980
Cause of death:  Choked on his own vomit in the back of the car after a drinking binge.

Schifrin, Lalo

Real name:  Boris Schifrin
Best known at:  Wrote film/TV-tunes like: »Cincinnati Kid» (1965), »Mission Impossible» (1968)
Birthday:  June 21, 1932
Place of birth:  Argentina

Schmit, Timothy B.

Best known at:  The Eagles, bass
Birthday:  Oct. 30, 1947
Place of birth:  Sacramento, California, USA

Schneider, Fred

Best known at:  The B-52's, keyboards, vocal
Birthday:  July 1, 1951
Place of birth:  Newark, Georgia, USA

Schofield, Marsha

Best known at:  Banda Dratsing and The Fall, keyboards, vocals
Birthday:  1963
Place of birth:  Brooklyn, New York, USA
More:  The Fall Bio


Real name:  Sealhenry Olumide Samuel
Best known at:  »Kiss From a Rose», US #1 (1995)
Birthday:  Feb. 19, 1963
Place of birth:  Kilburn, London, England

Sebastian, John

Best known at:  Lovin' Spoonful
Birthday:  Mar. 17, 1944
Place of birth:  New York City, USA

Sedaka, Neil

Birthday:  Mar. 13, 1939
Place of birth:  Brooklyn, New York, USA

Seeger, Pete

Best known at:  wrote folk standards »Where Have All the Flowers Gone» and »We Shall Overcome».
Birthday:  May 3, 1919
Place of birth:  New York City, USA
Death:  Jan. 27, 2014  [aged 94]
Cause of death:  Natural causes

Seger, Bob

Best known at:  »Night Moves», US #4 (1977)
Birthday:  May 6, 1945
Place of birth:  Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Seiter, John

Best known at:  Spanky And Our Gang, the Turtles, drums
Birthday:  Aug. 17, 1944
Place of birth:  St. Louis, Missouri, USA
More: — Spanky And Our Gang

Shannon, Del

Real name:  Charles Weedon Westover
Best known at:  »Runaway», US & UK #1 (1961)
Birthday:  Dec. 30, 1939 or 1934?
Place of birth:  Coopersville, Michigan, USA
Death:  Feb. 8, 1990
Cause of death:  Suicide, a rifle shot.

Shapiro, Helen

Best known at:  »Walkin' Back to Happiness», UK #1 (1961)
Birthday:  Sep. 28, 1946
Place of birth:  Bethnal Green, London, England

Sharkey, Feargal

Best known at:  The Undertones, vocal
Birthday:  Aug. 13, 1958
Place of birth:  Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Sharp, Dave

Best known at:  The Alarm, guitar
Birthday:  Jan. 28, 1959
Place of birth:  Salford, Lancashire, England

Shaw, Bernie

Best known at:  Uriah Heep, vocal
Birthday:  June 15, 1956
Place of birth:  Vancouver, Canada

Shaw, Sandy

Real name:  Sandra Goodrich
Best known at:  »Puppet on a String», UK #1 (1967)
Birthday:  Feb. 26, 1947
Place of birth:  Dagenham, Essex, England

Shelley, Pete

Real name:  Peter NcNeish
Best known at:  The Buzzcocks, guitar
Birthday:  Apr. 17, 1955
Place of birth:  England

Sheppard, Shep

Real name:  James Sheppard
Best known at:  Shep & the Limelites and The Heartbeats
Birthday:  1946
Place of birth:  New York
Death:  Jan. 24, 1970
Cause of death:  Found dead in his car; he has been attacked, robbed and beaten to death.

Sheridan, Tony

Real name:  Anthony Esmond Sheridan McGinnity
Best known at:  »My Bonnie» (1964), which was recorded in Hamburg with the Beat Brothers, aka the Beatles.
Birthday:  May 21, 1940
Place of birth:  England

Short, Bobby

Real name:  Robert Waltrip Short
Best known at:  US cabaret entertainer
Birthday:  Sep. 15, 1924
Place of birth:  Danville, Illinois, USA
Death:  Mar. 21, 2005
Cause of death:  Leukemia
Trivia:  His nickname was »The Miniature King of Swing»
More:  The Bobby Short Saloon and Bobby Short Bio

Shulman, Phil

Best known at:  Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, vocal »Kites» (1967)
Birthday:  Aug. 27, 1937
Place of birth:  England

Shuman, Mort

Best known at:  wrote many 50-hits like: »Surrender», »Teenager in Love» and »Save the Last Dance for Me».
Birthday:  Nov. 12, 1936
Place of birth:  New York City, New York, USA
Death:  Nov. 3, 1991
Cause of death:  Complications due to a liver operation.

Siegel, Jay

Best known at:  The Tokens, baritone vocal. »The Lions Sleeps Tonight», UK #11, US #1 (1961)
Birthday:  Oct. 20, 1939
Place of birth:  Brooklyn, New York, USA
More:  Wikipedia : The Tokens

Silverstein, Shell

Real name:  Sheldon Allan Silverstein
Best known at:  Wrote many wonderful and the most original songs, especially for the group Dr. Hook (and the Medicine Show). Hits just kept coming on in the seventies, pieces like »Sylvia's Mother», »Cover of the Rolling Stone» and »The Ballad of Lucy Jordan».
Birthday:  Sep. 25, 1930
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA
Death:  May 10, 1999
Cause of death:  Heart attack
More:  Shel Silverstein Teacher Resource File

Simmons, Gene

Real name:  Gene Klein, or Chaim Witz
Best known at:  Kiss, bass, vocal
Birthday:  Aug. 25, 1949
Place of birth:  Haifa, Israel or Queens, New York, USA

Simon, Carly

Best known at:  »You're So Vain», US #1 (1973)
Birthday:  June 25, 1945
Place of birth:  New York City, New York, USA

Simon, Paul

Real name:  Paul Frederick Simon
Best known at:  Simon & Garfunkel
Birthday:  Oct. 13, 1941
Place of birth:  Newark, New Jersey, USA

Simone, Nina

Real name:  Eunice Waymon
Best known at:  US jazz singer and pianist
Birthday:  Feb. 21, 1933
Place of birth:  Tryon, North Carolina, USA
Death:  Apr. 21, 2003
Cause of death:  ?

Simper, Nick

Best known at:  Deep Purple, bass
Birthday:  Nov. 3, 1946
Place of birth:  Southall, Middsex, England

Simpson, Valerie

Best known at:  duet Ashford & Simpson
Birthday:  Aug. 26, 1946 or 1948
Place of birth:  Bronx, New York, USA

Sinatra, Nancy

Best known at:  »Sugar Town» (1966)
Birthday:  June 8, 1940
Place of birth:  Jersey City, USA
Trivia:  daughter of Frank Sinatra

Singleton, Stephen

Best known at:  ABC, saxophone, synthesizers
Birthday:  Apr. 17, 1959
Place of birth:  Sheffield, England

Sioux, Siouxie

Real name:  Susan Dallion
Best known at:  Siouxie & the Banshees, vocal
Birthday:  May 27, 1957
Place of birth:  Chislehurst, England

Slack, Freddie

Real name:  Fredrick Charles Slack
Best known at:  US boogie-woogie man. »Cow Cow Boogie» (1942)
Birthday:  Aug. 7, 1910
Place of birth:  Westby, WI, USA
Death:  Aug. 10, 1965
Cause of death:  ?

Slade, Chris

Best known at:  Manfred Mann's Earth Band, drums
Birthday:  Oct. 30, 1946
Place of birth:  England

Sledge, Debbie

Best known at:  Sister Sledge, vocal
Birthday:  July 9, 1954
Place of birth:  USA

Sledge, Percy

Best known at:  »When a Man Loves a Woman», US #1 (1966)
Birthday:  Nov. 25, 1941
Place of birth:  Leighton, Alabama, USA
Death:  Apr. 14, 2015  [age 74]
Cause of death:  Liver cancer

Slick, Grace

Real name:  Grace Barnett Wing
Best known at:  Jefferson Airplane, vocal
Birthday:  Oct. 30, 1939
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Smith, Bessie

Best known at:  US Blues Queen
Birthday:  Apr. 15, 1894
Place of birth:  Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Death:  Sep. 29, 1937
Cause of death:  Car accident
More:  Bessie Smith

Smith, Claydes

Best known at:  Kool & the Gang, guitar
Birthday:  Sept. 6, 1948
Place of birth:  Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Death:  June 20, 2006
Cause of death:  After a long illness
More:  Kool and the Gang

Smith, Fred

Best known at:  Blondie, original bass player
Birthday:  Apr. 10, 1948
Place of birth:  New York, USA

Smith, James

Best known at:  The Stylistics, vocal »Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)», UK #1 (1975)
Birthday:  June 16, 1950
Place of birth:  New York, USA

Smith, Mandy

Real name:  Amanda Luise Smith
Best known at:  Wife of Bill Wyman. »I Just Can't Wait» (1987)
Birthday:  July 17, 1970
Place of birth:  England

Smith, Mark E.

Real name:  Mark Edward Smith
Best known at:  The Fall, vocal
Birthday:  Mar. 5, 1957
Place of birth:  not known
More:  The Official Fall Website and - Fall or The Fall

Smith, Mike

Best known at:  Amen Corner, tenor sax
Birthday:  Nov. 4, 1947
Place of birth:  Neath, W.Glamorgan, Wales

Smith, Neal

Best known at:  Billion Dollar Babies, drums
Birthday:  Jan. 10, 1946
Place of birth:  Washington, USA

Smith, Patti

Best known at:  »Because the Night», UK #5 (1978)
Birthday:  Dec. 30, 1946
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Smith, Warren

Best known at:  US rockabilly singer, one of the original Sun-artists
Birthday:  Feb. 7, 1933
Place of birth:  USA
Death:  Jan. 30, 1980
Cause of death:  Heart attack.

Snow, Hank

Real name:  Clarence Eugene Snow
Best known at:  »I Don't Hurt Anymore» (1954)
Birthday:  May 9, 1914
Place of birth:  USA

Snow, Phoebe

Real name:  Phoebe Laub
Best known at:  »Poetry Man» (1975)
Birthday:  July 17, 1952
Place of birth:  USA

Soloff, Lew

Best known at:  Blood, Sweat & Tears, trumpet, flugelhorn
Birthday:  Feb. 20, 1944
Place of birth:  Brooklyn, New York, USA

Somerville, Jimmy

Best known at:  Bronski Beat, vocal
Birthday:  June 22, 1961
Place of birth:  Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland

Soul, David

Real name:  David Solberg
Best known at:  »Silver Lady», UK #1 (1977)
Birthday:  Aug. 28, 1943
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

South, Joe

Real name:  Joe Souther
Best known at:  »Games People Play», UK #6 (1969)
Birthday:  Feb. 28, 1940
Place of birth:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Souther, John David

Best known at:  »You're Only Lonely», US #7 (1979)
Birthday:  Nov. 2, 1945
Place of birth:  USA

Southside Johnny

Real name:  John Lyon
Best known at:  Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes
Birthday:  Dec. 4, 1948
Place of birth:  Neptune, New Jersey, USA

Spann, Otis

Best known at:  US blues musician
Birthday:  Mar. 21, 1930
Place of birth:  Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Death:  Apr. 24, 1970
Cause of death:  Diagnosed cancer of liver but probably a heart failure.

Spears, Billy Jo

Best known at:  »Blanket on the Ground», US C & W #1 (1975)
Birthday:  Jan. 14, 1937
Place of birth:  USA ?


Real name:  Todd Thomas
Best known at:  Arrested Development, lead vocal
Birthday:  Oct. 25, 1968
Place of birth:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
More:  Arrested Development — Biography

Spector, Phil

Birthday:  Dec. 25, 1940
Place of birth:  Bronx, New York, USA

Spedding, Chris

Best known at:  UK session guitarist
Birthday:  June 17, 1944
Place of birth:  ?

Spitz, Dan

Best known at:  Anthrax, lead guitar
Birthday:  Jan. 23, 1963
Place of birth:  Queens, New York, USA

Spooner, Bill

Best known at:  The Tubes, guitar
Birthday:  Aug. 16, 1949   [some sources: Apr. 16]
Place of birth:  Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Springfield, Dusty

Real name:  Mary Isabelle Katherine Bernadette O'Brien
Best known at:  Greatest-ever white pop-soul singer. »You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me» UK #1 (1966), »Son of a Preacher Man», UK #9 (1969) and so much more…
Birthday:  Apr. 16, 1939
Place of birth:  Hampstead, London
Death:  Mar. 2, 1999
Cause of death:  Breast cancer.

Springfield, Rick

Real name:  Richard Springthorpe
Best known at:  »Don't Talk to Strangers», US #2 (1982)
Birthday:  Aug. 23, 1949
Place of birth:  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Springfield, Tom

Real name:  Dion O'Brien
Best known at:  composed »The Carnival is Over» for the Seekers
Birthday:  July 2, 1934
Place of birth:  England
Trivia:  brother of Dusty Springfield.

Springsteen, Bruce

Birthday:  Sep. 23, 1949
Place of birth:  Freehold, New Jersey, USA

Staley, Layne

Best known at:  Alice in Chains, vocal
Birthday:  Aug. 22, 1967
Place of birth:  Bellevue, WA, USA
Death:  Apr. 2002
Cause of death:  Found dead on Apr. 19, at his flat in Seattle. Local medical officials said that the cause of Staley's death had yet to be determined. »It was natural or an overdose — that's the way it was determined by our investigators», Seattle police spokesman told.

Stanley, Paul

Real name:  Paul Stanley Eisen
Best known at:  Kiss, vocal
Birthday:  Jan. 20, 1950
Place of birth:  Queens, New York, USA

Stansfield, Lisa

Best known at:  »All Around the World», UK #1 (1989)
Birthday:  Apr. 11, 1966
Place of birth:  Rochdale, Lancashire, England

Stanshall, Vivian

Real name:  Ginger Geezer?
Best known at:  The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, vocal
Birthday:  Mar. 21, 1943
Place of birth:  Shillingford, Oxon, England
Death:  Mar. 5?, 1995
Cause of death:  Died in a fire at his flat.

Staples, Cleo

Real name:  Cleotha Staples
Best known at:  The Staple Singers, vocal
Birthday:  Apr. 11, 1934
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Staples, Mavis

Best known at:  The Staple Singers, vocal
Birthday:  July 10, 1939   [many sources: 1940]
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA
More:  Mavis Staples

Staples, Pervis

Best known at:  The Staple Singers, vocal
Birthday:  Nov. ?, 1935
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Staples, Pops

Real name:  Roebuck Staples
Best known at:  The Staple Singers, vocal, guitar
Birthday:  Dec. 28, 1915
Place of birth:  Winona, Mississippi, USA
Death:  Dec. 19, 2000
Cause of death:  Concussion from a fall
More:  Roebuck Staples

Staples, Yvonne

Best known at:  The Staple Singers, vocal
Birthday:  Oct. 23, 1938
Place of birth:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Stardust, Alvin  [aka Shane Fenton]

Real name:  Bernard William Jewry
Best known at:  »Jealous Mind», UK #1 (1974)
Birthday:  Sep. 27, 1942
Place of birth:  London, England
Death:  Oct. 23, 2014  [aged 72]
Cause of death:  Prostate cancer
More: Mr Jewry first tasted fame in the early '60s with the group Shane Fenton and the Fentones. Band also appeared in Michael Winner's rock'n' roll movie Play It Cool (1962).

Starr, Edwin

Real name:  Charles Hatcher
Best known at:  »Contact» (1979)
Birthday:  Jan. 21, 1942
Place of birth:  Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Death:  Apr. 2, 2003
Cause of death:  Heart attack
More:  Edwin Starr - The Official and Authorised WebsitAuthorized

Starr, Kay

Real name:  Katherine Starks
Best known at:  »Rock and Roll Waltz» (1955)
Birthday:  July 21, 1922
Place of birth:  USA

Starr, Mike

Best known at:  Alice in Chains, orig. bass
Birthday:  Apr. 4, 1966
Place of birth:  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Starr, Randy

Real name:  Warren Nadel
Best known at:  »After School» (1957)
Birthday:  July 2, 1930
Place of birth:  USA?

Starr, Ringo

Real name:  Richard Starkey
Birthday:  July 7, 1940
Place of birth:  Dingle, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Starr, Ruby   [aka Connie Little]

Real name:  Constance Henrietta Mierzwiak
Best known at:  Connie and The Blu-Beats, Ruby Jones, Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost, The Ruby Jones Band, Henrietta Kahn; vocal.
Birthday:  Nov. 30, 1949
Place of birth:  Toledo, Ohio, USA
Death:  Jan. 14, 1995
Cause of death:  Cancer
Trivia:  As a backup singer toured several years with Black Oak Arkansas, appearing also on their hit single »Jim Dandy».

Staton, Candi   [aka Staton-Sussewell]

Best known at:  »Young Hearts Run Free», US #20, R & B #1 (1976)
Birthday:  Mar. 13, 1940   [some sources: 1945]
Place of birth:  Hanceville, Alabama, USA
More:  Candi Staton

Stax, John

Real name:  John Fullegar
Best known at:  The Pretty Things, bass
Birthday:  Apr. 6, 1944
Place of birth:  Crayford, Kent, England
More:  Pretty Things Web Site

Stead, David

Best known at:  Beautiful South, drums
Birthday:  Oct. 15, 1962
Place of birth:  Huddersfield, England

Steel, John

Best known at:  The Animals, drums
Birthday:  Feb. 4, 1941
Place of birth:  Gateshead, Northumberland, England

Steele, David

Best known at:  The Beat, Fine Young Cannibals, bass
Birthday:  Sep. 8, 1960
Place of birth:  England

Steele, Michael

Best known at:  The Bangles, bass, vocal
Birthday:  June 2, 1954
Place of birth:  ?

Steele, Tommy

Real name:  Thomas Hicks
Best known at:  »Singing the Blues», UK #1 (1957)
Birthday:  Dec. 17, 1936
Place of birth:  Bermondsey, London, England

Steen, Roger

Best known at:  The Tubes, guitar
Birthday:  Nov. 13, 1949
Place of birth:  Pipestone, Minnesota, USA

Stein, Chris

Best known at:  Blondie, guitar
Birthday:  Jan. 5, 1950
Place of birth:  Brooklyn, New York, USA

Steinbachek, Larry

Best known at:  Bronski Beat, synthesizers
Birthday:  May 6, 1960
Place of birth:  London, England

Steinberg, Lewis

Best known at:  Booker T. & the MG's, orig. bassist
Birthday:  Sep. 13, 1933
Place of birth:  Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Steinman, Jim

Real name:  James Richard Steinman
Best known at:  Brilliant songwriter. Wrote e.g. »Total Eclipse of the Heart», a smash hit for Bonnie Tyler and a lot of stuff for Meat Loaf. Also plays keyboards and percussion.
Birthday:  Nov. 1, 1948
Place of birth:  New York, USA
More:  Jim Steinman and Jim Steinman: Neverland Hotel or Dream Pollution – The Jim Steinman Web Site

Stevens, Cat

Real name:  Stephen Demetri Georgiou
Best known at:  »Matthew and Son» (1967), »Wild World» (1971)
Birthday:  July 21, 1947
Place of birth:  Soho, London, England

Stevens, Shakin'

Real name:  Michael Barratt
Best known at:  »This Ole House», UK #1 (1981)
Birthday:  Mar. 4, 1948
Place of birth:  Ely, S.Glamorgan, Wales

Stewart, Al

Best known at:  »The Year of the Cat», US #8 (1977)
Birthday:  Sep. 5, 1945
Place of birth:  Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland

Stewart, Billy

Best known at:  cover of Gershwin's »Summertime», US #10, UK #39 (1966)
Birthday:  Mar. 24, 1937
Place of birth:  Washington D.C., USA
Death:  Jan. 17, 1970
Cause of death:  the car crashed through the guiderail and plunged into the river. Two band members were killed too.

Stewart, Eric

Best known at:  Hot Legs, 10 CC, vocal, guitar
Birthday:  Jan. 20, 1945
Place of birth:  Manchester, England

Stewart, Gary

Best known at:  US country singer. »She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)», US #1 (1975)
Birthday:  May 28, 1945
Place of birth:  Letcher County, Kentucky, USA
Death:  Dec. 16, 2003
Cause of death:  Shot himself
Trivia:  His wife died just a month earlier at the age of 43. Cause of death was pneumonia.

Stewart, Michael

Best known at:  produced Billy Joel's breakthrough album »Piano Man».
Birthday:  Apr. 19, 1945
Place of birth:  Riverside, California, USA
Death:  Nov. 13, 2002
Cause of death:  After a long illness.

Stewart, Rod

Real name:  Roderick David Stewart
Birthday:  Jan. 10, 1945
Place of birth:  Highgate, London, England

Stiles, Ray

Best known at:  Mud, bass, vocal
Birthday:  Nov. 20, 1946
Place of birth:  Carshalton, Surrey, England

Stills, Stephen

Best known at:  Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, vocal, guitar
Birthday:  Jan. 3, 1945
Place of birth:  Dallas, Texas, USA


Real name:  Gordon Matthew Sumner
Birthday:  Oct. 2, 1951
Place of birth:  Wallsend, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear, England
More:  Sting — Official site

Stinson, Bob

Best known at:  The Replacements, lead guitar
Birthday:  Dec. 17, 1959
Place of birth:  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Death:  Feb. 18, 1995
Cause of death:  Drug overdose
More:  Bob Stinson

Stinson, Tommy

Best known at:  The Replacements, bass
Birthday:  Oct. 6, 1966
Place of birth:  San Diego, California, USA
More:  Tommy Stinson

Stipe, Michael

Real name:  John Michael Stipe
Best known at:  R.E.M., vocal
Birthday:  Jan. 4, 1960
Place of birth:  Decatur, Georgia, USA
More:  R.E.M.hg

Stocker, Wally

Real name:  Walter Stocker
Best known at:  The Babys, guitar
Birthday:  Mar. 17, 1954
Place of birth:  London, England

Stookey, Paul

Best known at:  Peter, Paul & Mary, vocal, guitar
Birthday:  Nov. 30, 1937
Place of birth:  Baltimore, USA

Strong, Barrett

Best known at:  »Money (That's What I Want» (1960)
Birthday:  Feb. 5, 1941
Place of birth:  Missisippi, USA

Streisand, Barbra

Birthday:  Apr. 24, 1942
Place of birth:  Brooklyn, New York, USA

Strickland, Keith

Best known at:  The B-52's, drums
Birthday:  Oct. 26, 1953
Place of birth:  Athens, Georgia, USA

Strummer, Joe

Real name:  John Graham Mellors
Best known at:  The Clash, vocal, guitar
Birthday:  Aug. 21, 1952
Place of birth:  Ankara, Turkey
Death:  Dec. 22, 2002
Cause of death:  Apparently heart attack
More:  We Will All Miss You, Joe Strummer

Stuart, Hamish

Best known at:  Average White Band, guitar, vocal
Birthday:  Oct. 8, 1949
Place of birth:  Glasgow, Scotland

Styles, Re

Best known at:  The Tubes, vocals
Birthday:  Mar. 30, 1950
Place of birth:  ?

Such, Alec John

Best known at:  Bon Jovi, orig. bassist
Birthday:  Nov. 14, 1956
Place of birth:  Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA   [some sources: Yonkers, New York]
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Summer, Donna

Real name:  LaDonna Andrea Gaines
Best known at:  »I Feel Love», UK #1 (1977)
Birthday:  Dec. 31, 1948
Place of birth:  Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA
Death:  May 17, 2012
Cause of death:  Lung cancer

Summers, Andy

Real name:  Andrew James Summers
Best known at:  The Police, guitar
Birthday:  Dec. 31, 1942
Place of birth:  Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, England
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Sunnyland Slim

Real name:  Albert Luandrew
Best known at:  US blues man
Birthday:  Sep. 5, 1907
Place of birth:  USA?

Sutch, Screamin' Lord

Real name:  David Edward Sutch
Best known at:  UK vocalist
Birthday:  Nov. 10. 1940
Place of birth:  West Hampstead, England
Death:  June 16, 1999
Cause of death:  Hung himself

Sutcliffe, Stuart

Best known at:  original Beatle, bass
Birthday:  June 23, 1940
Place of birth:  Edinburgh, Scotland
Death:  Apr. 10, 1962
Cause of death:  Brain haemorrhage

Billy Swan

Best known at:  »I Can Help», US #1 (1974)
Birthday:  May 12, 1942   [some sources: 1944]
Place of birth:  Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

Sweet, Darrell

Best known at:  Nazareth, drums
Birthday:  May 16, 1947?
Place of birth:  ?
Death:  Apr. 30, 1999
Cause of death:  Heart attack.

Sylvain, Sylvain

Real name:  Sil Mizrahi   [many sources with many forenames: Sylvain, Syl, Ronald...]
Best known at:  New York Dolls, guitar, vocal
Birthday:  1949   [some sources: 1953]
Place of birth:  Cairo, Egypt
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Wikipedia : Sylvain Sylvain


Real name:  James Sylvester?
Best known at:  »You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)» (1978)
Birthday:  1946?
Place of birth:  Los Angeles, California, USA
Death:  Dec. 16, 1988
Cause of death:  AIDS-related illness.