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[Rock Star's Digest]


Taree, Aerle

Real name:  Taree Jones
Best known at:  Arrested Development, vocals, clothes design.
Birthday:  Jan. 10, 1973
Place of birth:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
More:  Arrested Development — Biography

Talbot, John Michael

Best known at:  Mason Proffit, vocal. Later Catholic gospel musician.
Birthday:  May 8, 1954
Place of birth:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Trivia:  Talbot's country rock band Mason Proffit was an opening act for Janis Joplin in the sixties. »I saw her drinking Southern Comfort like soda pop». Well, Talbot choosed a bit differently.
More:  Wikipedia : John Michael Talbot and Contemporary musicians : biography

Taupin, Bernie

Best known at:  lyrics for Elton John.
Birthday:  May 22, 1950
Place of birth:  Sleaford, England

Taylor, Clive

Best known at:  Amen Corner, bass.
Birthday:  Apr. 27, 1949
Place of birth:  Cardiff, England

Taylor, Dick

Best known at:  The Pretty Things, lead guitar.
Birthday:  Jan. 28, 1943
Place of birth:  Dartford, Kent, England
More:  Pretty Things Web Site

Taylor, James

Best known at:  US singer-songwriter.
Birthday:  Mar. 12, 1948
Place of birth:  Boston, Massachusettes, USA

Taylor, Mick

Best known at:  The Rolling Stones, guitar.
Birthday:  Jan. 17, 1948
Place of birth:  Hertsforshire, England

Taylor, Roger

Real name:  Roger Meddows-Taylor
Best known at:  Queen, drums.
Birthday:  July 26, 1949
Place of birth:  King's Lynn, Norfolk, England

Tench, Benmont

Best known at:  Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, keyboards. Also well-known and respected session player: with Ringo Starr, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Alanis Morissette, just a few named.
Birthday:  Sep. 7, 1953   [some sources: 1954]
Place of birth:  Gainesville, Florida, USA
More:  The Unofficial Benmont Tench Site

Tennant, Neil

Best known at:  Pet Shop Boys, vocal.
Birthday:  July 10, 1954
Place of birth:  Gosforth, Tyne & Wear, England   [some sources: North Shields, Northumberland]
More: - Pet Shop Boys

Tex, Joe

Real name:  Joseph Arrington, aka Joseph Hazziez
Best known at:  »Skinny Legs and All» (1967), »I Gotcha» (1972).
Birthday:  Aug. 8, 1933
Place of birth:  Baytown, Texas, USA
Death:  Aug. 13, 1982
Cause of death:  Heart attack.

Thain, Gary

Best known at:  Uriah Heep, bass.
Birthday:  1948?
Place of birth:  New Zealand
Death:  Mar. 19, 1976?
Cause of death:  Overdose of tablets.

Theodorakis, Mikis

Best known at:  Greek composer.
Birthday:  July 29, 1925
Place of birth:  Greece

Thompkins Jr, Russell

Best known at:  The Stylistics, lead vocal.
Birthday:  Mar. 21, 1951
Place of birth:  Philadelphia, USA

Thompson, Richard

Best known at:  Fairport Convention, guitar.
Birthday:  Apr. 3, 1949
Place of birth:  Totteridge, London

Thompson, Sue

Real name:  Eva Sue McKee
Best known at:  »Paper Tiger» (1965).
Birthday:  July 19, 1926
Place of birth:  USA

Thornton, Big Mama

Real name:  Willie Mae Thornton
Best known at:  Great US R&B Woman. Recorded »Hound Dog», (written especially for her) before Elvis Presley, US R&B #1, 1953
Birthday:  Dec. 11, 1926
Place of birth:  Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Death:  July 25, 1984
Cause of death:  Heart and liver complications.
Trivia: Wrote and recorded »Ball and Chain», later hit for Janis Joplin.

Thornton, Blair

Best known at:  Bachman-Turner-Overdrive, guitar.
Birthday:  July 23, 1950
Place of birth:  Vancouver, Canada

Thunders, Johnny

Real name:  John Anthony Genzale
Best known at:  The New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers, guitar.
Birthday:  July 15, 1952
Place of birth:  New York, USA
Death:  Apr. 23, 1991
Cause of death:  Drug overdose, suspicious circumstances.

Tibbs, Gary

Best known at:  Adam & the Ants, bass.
Birthday:  Jan. 24, 1958
Place of birth:  London, England


Real name:  Tiffany Renee Darwish
Best known at:  »I Think We're Alone Now», UK #1 (1988).
Birthday:  Oct. 2, 1971
Place of birth:  Norwalk, California, England

Tikaram, Tanita

Best known at:  »Twist in My Sobriety», UK #22 (1988).
Birthday:  Aug. 12, 1969
Place of birth:  Munster, Germany

Tillis, Mel

Best known at:  US country man.
Birthday:  Aug. 8, 1932
Place of birth:  USA

Took, Steven Peregrine

Real name:  Stephen Porter
Best known at:  Tyrannosaurus Rex, percussion.
Birthday:  July 28, 1949
Place of birth:  Eltham, Kent, England
Death:  Oct. 27, 1980
Cause of death:  Choked to death on a cherry stone.

Torres, Tico

Real name:  Hector Torres
Best known at:  Bon Jovi, drums.
Birthday:  Oct. 7, 1953
Place of birth:  New York City, New York, USA
More:  Diane's Bon Jovi Website - Bon Jovi Band Members

Tosh, Peter

Real name:  Winston Hubert MacIntosh
Best known at:  The Wailers, vocal.
Birthday:  Oct. 9, 1944
Place of birth:  Westmoreland, Jamaica
Death:  Sep. 11, 1987
Cause of death:  Shot dead in his home by burglar.

Toussaint, Allen

Best known at:  Famous musician and producer.
Birthday:  Jan. 14, 1938
Place of birth:  New Orleans, USA

Townson, Ron

Best known at:  The Fifth Dimension, vocal.
Birthday:  Jan. 20, 1933
Place of birth:  St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Death:  Aug. 2, 2001
Cause of death:  Renal failure after a four-year battle with kidney disease.

Townshend, Pete

Real name:  Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend
Birthday:  May 19, 1945
Place of birth:  London, England


Real name:  Toyah Wilcox
Best known at:  EP »Four From Toyah» (1981).
Birthday:  May 18, 1958
Place of birth:  England

Travers, Mary

Best known at:  Peter, Paul & Mary, vocal.
Birthday:  Nov. 7, 1936  [some sources: 1937]
Place of birth:  Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Death:  Sep. 16, 2009
Cause of death:  Leukemia
More:  Wikipedia — Mary Travers

Travis, Randy

Real name:  Randy Bruce Traywick
Best known at:  US country artist.
Birthday:  May 4, 1959
Place of birth:  Marshville, North Carolina, USA

Travolta, John

Best known at:  »You're the One That I Want», duet with Olivia Newton-John.
Birthday:  Feb. 18, 1954
Place of birth:  Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Trower, Robin

Best known at:  Procol Harum, guitar. And long and fine solo career of course.
Birthday:  Mar. 9, 1945
Place of birth:  Southend, Essex, England
More:  Robin Trower — Bridge of Sighs

Troy, Doris

Real name:  Doris Payne
Best known at:  »Just One Look», US #10 (1963).
Birthday:  Jan. 6, 1937
Place of birth:  USA?

Tucker, Jim

Best known at:  The Turtles, guitar.
Birthday:  Oct. 17, 1946
Place of birth:  Los Angeles, California, USA

Tucker, Mick

Real name:  Michael Thomas Tucker
Best known at:  The Sweet, drums.
Birthday:  July 17, 1947
Place of birth:  Harlesden, London, England
Death:  Feb. 14, 2002
Cause of death:  Complications brought on by the leukemia he survived five years earlier.
More:  Henrik and Mick Tucker

Turner, Big Joe

Real name:  Joe Turner
Best known at:  »Shake, Rattle and Roll» (1954).
Birthday:  May 18, 1911
Place of birth:  Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Death:  Nov. 24, 1985
Cause of death:  Heart attack.

Turner, Fred

Real name:  C.F. (Fred) Turner
Best known at:  Bachman-Turner-Overdrive, bass, vocals.
Birthday:  Oct. 16, 1943
Place of birth:  Winnipeg, Canada

Turner, Ike

Real name:  Izear Luster Turner, Jr.
Best known at:  Ike & Tina Turner
Birthday:  Nov. 5, 1931
Place of birth:  Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA
Death:  Dec. 12, 2007
Cause of death:  Cocaine overdose.

Turner, Kim

Best known at:  Cat Iron, drums. Later road manager and sound engineer of The Police and Sting. Also one of the Wishbone Ash "family"; younger brother of Martin and Glenn Turner.
Birthday:  ?
Place of birth:  ?
Death:  May 12, 2003
Cause of death:  Cancer.

Turner, Martin

Best known at:  Wishbone Ash, bass, vocal.
Birthday:  Oct. 1, 1947
Place of birth:  Torquay, Devon, England
More:  Wishbone Ash UK Online: Martin Turner

Turner, Ted

Real name:  David Alan Turner
Best known at:  Wishbone Ash, guitar.
Birthday:  Aug. 2, 1950
Place of birth:  Yardley, Birmingham, England
More:  Wishbone Ash UK Online: Ted Turner

Turner, Tina

Real name:  Annie Mae Bullock
Birthday:  Nov. 26, 1939
Place of birth:  Brownsville, Tennessee, USA

Turner, Zeb

Real name:  William Edward Grisham
Best known at:  »Tennessee Boogie», US C & W #11 (1949).
Birthday:  June 23, 1915
Place of birth:  Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Death:  Jan. 10, 1978
Cause of death:  ?

Twist, Nigel

Best known at:  The Alarm, drums
Birthday:  July. 18, 1958
Place of birth:  Manchester, Lancashire, England

Twitty, Conway

Real name:  Harold Lloyd Jenkins
Birthday:  Sep. 1, 1933
Place of birth:  Friars Point, Missisippi, USA
Death:  June 5, 1993
Cause of death:  Abdominal aneurysm.
More:  Country Music Hall of Fame

Tyler, Bonnie

Real name:  Gaynor Hopkins
Best known at:  »Total Eclipse of the Heart», UK #1 (1983).
Birthday:  June 8, 1953
Place of birth:  Skewen, W. Glamorgan, Wales

Tyler, Steven

Real name:  Steven Victor Tallarico
Best known at:  Aerosmith, vocal.
Birthday:  Mar. 26, 1948
Place of birth:  New York City, New York, USA

Tyner, Rob

Best known at:  MC5, vocal.
Birthday:  Dec. 12, 1944
Place of birth:  Detroit, USA
Death:  Sep. 17, 1991
Cause of death:  Heart failure in the driveway at his home.


Ullman, Tracey

Birthday:  Dec. 30, 1959
Place of birth:  Slough, Berkshire, England

Ulvaeus, Bjorn

Best known at:  Hootenanny Singers, Abba
Birthday:  Apr. 25, 1945
Place of birth:  Gothenberg, Sweden

Upton, Steve

Best known at:  Wishbone Ash, drums.
Birthday:  May 24, 1946
Place of birth:  Wrexham, Wales
More:  Wishbone Ash UK Online: Steve Upton