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[Rock Star's Digest]


Yamauchi, Tetsu

Best known at:  Free, bass.
Birthday:  Oct. 21, 1947
Place of birth:  Fukuoka, Japan

Yankovic, Frankie

Best known at:  »Just Because» (1948).
Birthday:  July 28?, 1915
Place of birth:  USA
Death:  Oct. 14, 1998
Cause of death:  ?
Trivia:  nickname "The Polka King".

Yarrow, Peter

Best known at:  Peter, Paul & Mary, vocal, guitar.
Birthday:  May 31, 1938
Place of birth:  New York City, New York, USA

Yester, Jim

Best known at:  The Association, vocal, guitar.
Birthday:  Nov. 24, 1939
Place of birth:  Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Yoakam, Dwight

Best known at:  US country artist.
Birthday:  Oct. 23, 1956
Place of birth:  Pikeville, Kentucky, USA
More:  Dwight Yoakam

Young, Angus

Best known at:  AC/DC, guitar.
Birthday:  Mar. 31, 1959
Place of birth:  Glasgow, Scotland

Young, Faron

Best known at:  »Indian Reservation»
Birthday:  Feb. 25, 1932
Place of birth:  USA?
Death:  Dec. 10, 1996
Cause of death:  Committed suicide by shooting.
Trivia:  nickname "The Young Sheriff".

Young, Johnny

Best known at:  US blues musician.
Birthday:  Jan. 1, 1917?
Place of birth:  Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA
Death:  Apr. 18, 1974
Cause of death:  Heart attack.

Young, Malcolm

Best known at:  AC/DC, rhythm guitar.
Birthday:  Jan. 6, 1953
Place of birth:  Glasgow, Scotland

Young, Neil

Birthday:  Nov. 12, 1945
Place of birth:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Young, Paul

Best known at:  »Every Time You Go Away», US #1 (1985).
Birthday:  Jan. 17, 1956
Place of birth:  Luton, Beds., England

Young, Paul

Best known at:  Mike and the Mechanics, vocal.
Birthday:  June 17, 1947
Place of birth:  Manchester, England
Death:  July 15, 2000
Cause of death:  Suspected heart attack.

Young, Rusty

Best known at:  Poco, pedal steel guitar.
Birthday:  Feb. 23, 1946
Place of birth:  Long Beach, California, USA

Yuro, Timi

Real name:  Rosemarie Timothy Aurro Yuro
Best known at:  »Hurt» (1961).
Birthday:  Aug. 4, 1940
Place of birth:  USA


Zager, Michael

Best known at:  Michael Zager Band, »Let's All Chant», UK #8, US #36 (1978).
Birthday:  Jan. 3, 1943
Place of birth:  USA?

Zappa, Frank

Birthday:  Dec. 21, 1940
Place of birth:  Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Death:  Dec. 4, 1993
Cause of death:  Prostate cancer.

Zevon, Warren

Birthday:  Jan. 24, 1947
Place of birth:  Chicago, USA
Death:  Sep. 7, 2003
Cause of death:  Lung cancer.
More:  Warren Zevon, 1947-2003. See also official site Warren Zevon or The Zevon Fan Web Page

Zilinskas, Annette

Best known at:  The Bangles, orig. bass, vocal.
Birthday:  Nov. 6, 1964
Place of birth:  Van Nuys, California, USA

Zoot Money

Real name:  George Bruno Money
Best known at:  Session player, keyboards.
Birthday:  July 17, 1942
Place of birth:  England