Video Killed the Radio Star

…was a hit song in the eighties. But while the white race nowadays is slowly losing its marbles, the engineer is doin’ fine. The progress. Today we might prefer the title more like »Wikipedia Killed the Private Net Site».

[This is a sequel to One end — yet another start]

That was the reason for me to bury the Rockweb site—I faced the destiny of the radio star. The fine new World Wide Web that we pioneers met and started to conquer at the time, is dead and gone now. It’s hijacked. Early homesites were build by using that lousy HTML but with love and care, Wikipedia is maintained by the iGrasshoppers around the whole Tellus. A Neanderthal webber can’t compete. Revolution ate its children.

How about some laugh, a sarcastic one?

In the first place home pages were based on basic information, but also offered opinions, reviews, photos, link lists and guestbooks. While the information part was often tiny, it was valued. Not too much available in the nineties. But the bloody playstation generation, those zillions wikipedian olms and lamers, slouching moral hazards with no code of honor, copied it all. So the positions exchanged. Individual info page changed to ashes. I still can smell the smoke of those wrecks of code piles, and e.g. some of my stuff is available yet in Wikipedia. I give my laugh, but somehow more like forced.

Yeah, I know. Nobody owns the knowledge nor the information. Don’t even start. ;)

So it was time to dump up the band. And when the Rock Star’s Digest part was the core one on site, not too much were left to take along. Some lists, photos, reviews. And similar. Stories goes on surely, though in Finnish, only.

Nothing lasts forever. A big thanks for everyone involved. Twenty yrs it took, but gave so much I can’t depict. :)

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